Monday, September 05, 2005

Tired in London

Got up early for the flight and was surprised to see a very old Aunt from my family at the airport (she is a distant relative) Auntie Sadie, she is 98 years old and very brutally honest. “You are fat, at least you can laugh about that in your comedy thing” she shouted really loudly in at check in coz she is deaf.

Lovely! So here I am in dusty hot London. The flat I have rented is AWESOME…truly the best Crown lawn, are the best letting agent in the world. I have a balcony with views across Chelsea.

Had dinner with Monica after I attended BAFTA preview of Brokeback Mountain-Jake Gyllenhall is juicy and was in attendance, we got to ask him questions about the movie.

Thanks to all who viewed my comedy clip and sent me funny comments and good honest criticism. Love ya!
More blog tomorrow, I am very old and fat.

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