Friday, September 23, 2005

Sorry I am late!

I had too late a night last night; I was performing my duties as host on the comedy pub crawl for the Merchant City Festival. It was too late for me to blog and this morning I had to get up 8am for a live radio show on Beat 106. Trust me, me in the morning is not a funny sight, I was like Myra Hindley the child killer on crack. I did manage to be funny, but fuck was I tired.

The show went live from a big glass fronted swanky upmarket designer store and as I was standing in the front window going live, I saw my daughter Ashley rush past on her way to the train station to get to Uni, I waved- she gave me the finger. She is not a happy girl early in the morning and I pissed myself laughing as the radio presenters mentioned live that my daughter was rushing past but the halted when she flipped me a finger and I giggled.

Tonight was the best, I performed my one woman show at Bar Bluu as part of the festival and I did the whole two hour set that covers last years Fringe show Good Godley and this years show, anyway I tell the audience all about my life and how I was caught in my father in laws house with guns and explosives, then I admit to a crime that involves me getting one over the police. I don’t want to write it here as I don’t want any legal comeback, anyway to cut a long story short guess who was in the audience and introduced herself?

It was the policewoman who stormed my father in laws house with her crack squad and charged me with possessing firearms all those years ago in 1994!

I was amazed and could not stop laughing when she told me who she was. My daughter just stared at her, I laughed out loud and said “Nice to meet you again, that thing I admitted to on stage in the first half, I made it all up, by the way are you still with the police?”

“Yes I am, but don’t worry, I never heard you say anything criminal, I am a big fan of yours and loved the book” She told me. So therefore I like her!

So what an eventful night, the gig sold well and the crowd loved the night. I am so happy it all went very well and can’t wait to bring the show to London in December.

I did inform the crowd about my website and my idea about six degrees of separation, when I told them I am three degrees of separation away from Hitler and that makes them four degrees away, they all took it very well and laughed. So I am still excited about my idea and would like to thank everyone who is inviting me to their lovely city, I intend to try and get there and will keep you all informed!
Good night X.

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