Friday, September 09, 2005

My IPOD is my LIFE!

Just downloaded Brandy by Looking Glass and Busta Rymes latest…fucking great stuff. I love music. Am sitting here in Leeds in a huge old hotel which took a fight and fist fuck to get the web to work, the fist fuck was mine, trust me £15 for 10 hours of web time by some expensive shit to log on web provider…crack is cheaper than that in ANY city.

This morning I tried to wake Ashley up to ask her to remember to check my chores list and get everything done for me coming home on Sunday, she merely peeped out of her duvet with big brown panda eyes and huskily whispered “Leave me cash and the list gets done, now let me sleep oh evil one”. I smiled and said “I love you chicken” She simply stuck out two fingers from the lumpy covers and said “Yes whatever, I am not ironing unless you pay me extra, I love you to mummy”. I forgot how awful she is in the mornings, fuck knows how some poor man and baby will cope with HER in the years to come, she really is Regan from Exorcist up to at least 2pm daily.

To think that wee bitch used to wake me up at 3am regularly when she was a toddler “Mummy more milk” she would shout as she rattled her empty bottle along the bars of her cot like some long term prisoner in San Quentin.

Can’t even begin to imagine her getting up for a baby at any time! That’s GOOD as she is too young to be a mummy!

Ok get this, we drove into Leeds city centre at 4pm and we saw the hotel as we neared the railway station at 4.15pm but it took an HOUR to get to the hotel, as they have an scary, unbelievable ‘ring loop one way system’, I swear to God it is a version of Lord of The Rings like never seen before, an evil version, and the locals laugh as they watch scared, confused drivers trying to figure out how to negotiate TWO streets around this nightmarish ‘loop system’. We ended up screaming at each other in the car and as we did we saw other couples scrabbling and screaming into their partners faces as they too tried to make sense of the Enigma like traffic system. In the end a taxi driver had to TAKE us through the fourteen sets of traffic lights, one way system and snake like single lane paths that got us from the main street to the hotel 40 yards away.

Leeds is evil and weird. The gig was great though and I loved it.

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