Friday, September 16, 2005

Gigs, Bookings and Donny Osmond…

I finally got the date set for my one woman show at Cochrane Theatre in London. It is on Tuesday December 20th, not a great day to have a 300 seater filled but it is the Christmas week and most people have weekend parties organised, so it might be ok. I am in London from the 9th of December and will be gigging around town.

The wonderfully talented people at Crown Lawn have sorted my flat out for me to stay, so it will be great fun. I love London in the winter; all those parks with the trees sparkling with frost and the city alight with seasonal decorations. It really is my favourite time of year.

I have been absorbed in reading Donny Osmond’s biography and for the love of GOD, when will that man do something scary and fucking unlawful. I mean, I know he is bound by his religion and his strict family values of which he adheres to make him a better man, but even Jesus would shout “Aw for fucksake, who managed to fuck up all the finances, why are we fucking poor after all those gold records?”

He was a virgin until his wedding night and he really is such a good father. (They pop a kid out every year it seems). I still love him though, I know that will incinerate any street cred I may have had, but it’s so true, he does come across as someone who really did have a strange life and he seems to really keep trying to re-invent himself. It makes you wonder why they didn’t just keep the cash and go home to Utah and keep horses, why does he still keep chasing fame.

Will you listen to me? I am 44 and am sitting at the PC securing gigs for throughout December; I should be baking a Christmas cake, storing red apples for my centrepiece at the seasonal dinner table and organising my bottles peaches for an unusual but ingenious desert with a holiday twist.

Instead I am packing off to London for most of the winter and three years ago I went off to New Zealand for SEVEN weeks over Christmas and New Year. Without my family! I sat on a beach and drank wine and watched dolphins as my family back home sat down to their lunch without me. I am selfish evil bitch and deserve to be burnt, but I did have a good time!

I may make holiday punch this year and give my husband a taste of that!

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