Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Only me again….

I was up half the night with scary nightmares and it seemed like I would never get out of them. I think I was dreaming about my old father in law, but this was probably because I was listening to the radio show I did last night about the book, and I was talking about him. I do miss him, though he died in 1994.

I am still organising stuff for my show on Friday night at Bar Bluu for the Glasgow Merchant City Festival, its being filmed for future use. I am hoping that it all goes ok, any Glasgow readers of the Blog do PLEASE come along, I would love to see you all.

To cheer myself up I am going to send out this new challenge that I will use as part of my show. I want anyone out there to INVITE me to their city; we can meet up so I can narrow the six degrees of separation down. I also want to do a comedy gig in that city and I want to meet someone famous FROM that city, so the next country/city I move onto I will meet another blogger and narrow down the sex degrees of separation…I have met the man who met the man who met Hitler and I have met Churchill’s grand daughter, so we can narrow down the degrees of separation to TWO of the most infamous people of the last century.

You can invite me to ANY country but it must be an honest and valid invite, I WILL PAY! But please don’t invite me if you plan to pull of my limbs and keep me in a small box in your wardrobe. I don’t wanna die!

I also want to see HOW FAR AWAY in the world the invites can come from.
Maybe I am bored…but it seems like a fun idea! Eh?

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