Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Am Home and Happy.

The photo shoot for Red Magazine was amazingly funny. Firstly it was in a big house in Hackney. The owners of this place are professional antique dealers and that is reflected in the beauty of their home. They had a big bathroom with an ancient but beautiful claw footed bath, huge original sinks and amazing d├ęcor. The best part was their mental dog Alfie, who nearly wrecked the photo shoot by dragging in half a tree and placed it on my white linen skirt for me to throw. It was a great wee dog, its tail wagged so much that it made the happy dog walk like Mae West in a tight dress, its wee bum wiggled and waggled as it happily slavered on my white outfit and turned up the pleading eyes for me to come play with it…awesome.

I of course, after having professional make up and hair done, threw myself into the garden and rolled on the grass with happy wiggly woggly dog…The photo team were so annoyed, but you know how I love dogs! The pictures were very smart.

I had great fun in London, the flat was just SO Chelsea and the balcony became my home. Monica, Reginald D Hunter and I had dinner last night and sat out watching the sun set over London. It was lovely, two of my best friends in one place.

I am off to Leeds tomorrow to do Jongleurs Comedy Clubs. I am MC for the weekend. Talk soon.

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