Friday, September 02, 2005

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Flies and Fun…

Went to see my favourite wee baby niece Abi, she is two years old and chats like you can’t believe. Her mum and I were laughing at something and the baby came running in, pointed straight at me and shouted “You are not funny”, it was the most hilarious thing I have ever seen.

All day I kept making her say it to me and she would stand and shout it over and over again. Made me laugh my ass off, then a big dragonfly came flapping into the room and she loves spiders and insects, so we caught it and let her look at it in detail before we released it out the window, just then a manky fly came in and Abi shouted

“Oh look! A fly, how cute!”

So then we had to explain how SOME flying creepy crawlies are nice but flies are EVIL and lick dog poo!

Today in the tenth anniversary of my first ever paid comedy gig!

I can’t believe it is that long since my first PAID gig! It was at Billy Bonkers club and tomorrow I am back there doing an extended set.

Just a quick note, I am trying to contact Nick Collett, a mate of mine who left his details and I promptly lost, if he is reading this blog, please email me again as I cannot find your email address anywhere!
Also a quick shout out to all the blog readers in Canada and South Africa who check this blog daily! Thanks guys, it makes me smile knowing there are people sitting in a different environment and climate smiling at Glasgow stories!

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