Monday, September 12, 2005

Dogs Balls in my Throat…

I know what a weird title for my blog. I had a bit of a strep throat for the last few days, but last night my glands swelled up into two big Doberman’s dogs bollocks and they were accompanied by shooting hot flash pains into the centre of my ear. I woke up at 6am crying and demanding that husband ‘fix’ me immediately. He got me to call the doctors and make an appointment. Swallowing was a mammoth and near on impossible task, I was in such pain I had to cancel my breast exam. There was no way I could suffer tit squashing and throat ball pain at the same time.

The doctor took me in at 3pm and prescribed antibiotics, so therefore prepare to hear stories of itchy thrush disease taking over my weakened body. I am falling apart. Life is shit I tell you.

So I am hoping that this week I heal, as I am trying to get away for a few days with just husband and I to celebrate our anniversary, more likely he will sit beside me as I sweat and slowly flake out and fall apart…look out , here comes old age.

Ashley is all set to go to Uni and I am so excited for her, she seems so grown up and organised, I feel like stepping in and making sure she has all her books and buying her a new blazer…BUT that’s not how it works. Time for me to step back.
So the big old barren female Gorilla slowly walks towards the edge of the forest, tits flapping, hands trailing, no one missing her and prepares to pick berries and die slowly all alone in the mist.

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