Thursday, September 15, 2005

Life Goes on…

Am listening to Boz Scaggs, whose music is just startlingly brilliant! I love it. Sorry I was missing in action yesterday, I was babysitting baby Abi and wee Shaun last night. I got to sit on a floor and play ‘car crashes’ with big chunky vehicles for an hour and that was fun.

Shaun is eight and Abi is two and she can talk like you cannot believe, her wee cute lispy mouth does NOT STOP…I taught her the Hokey Cokey dance and you would have thought I had just given her the best gift ever. She screamed with excitement and we had to do the Hokey Cokey 58 times, it was baby crack…she is addicted.

Her wee blonde curls bob about her head as she animatedly talks and it’s so funny, she looks like Gene Wilder! Shaun and I had a serious chat about school and because I am an Aunty I took them late night shopping (they should have been in bed at eight!) we went to the local newsagents at 10pm and bought chocolate!

On another note, I bought the Donny Osmond autobiography! I know how cheesy am I? I loved him in the 70’s and cried when he sang ‘Puppy Love’ and vowed to hunt him down and marry him, honestly I am scared to meet him now in case I gush! I will still try to marry him.

I bought special tablets from herbal shop to counteract the anti-biotics and to stop me getting thrush. I am hoping they work as the last thing I want is an itchy toosh.

Had a few weird things happen today, firstly I got my new DVD from the guys who filmed me at Edinburgh Fringe, my whole show was filmed and I now have it and I watched it.

Fuck I am fat and I make MENTAL PATIENT faces when I am on stage, I am so animated it made me blush! Secondly I went to the shops to get bread and on the way the three old Muslim guys in traditional Arab-looking dress (that sounds terrible but I don’t really know the proper origin...sorry).
Anyway I pass them often and today as I walked by I smiled and one of them said hello and the other one spat at me (again) I think he is hearing voices, so I just gave him the finger as I would do to anyone who spits at me, and then as I came out of the shop a wee Scottish drunk told me I was a ‘Whore’, so I reckon today old mad people of all cultures were told by the voice in their head to abuse me! Lovely! Maybe that’s it over for another year. Bring it on boys I am almost menopausal…then I will kill for fun!

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