Sunday, September 04, 2005

My comedy clip

Hot hot Sunday!

Wow! The weather is just so damn hot today, we melted. Ashley and I went up to my sister Ann’s home to visit, she has a big garden and we decided that was the place to sit in the sunshine. We took a couple of deck chairs, some books and cold drinks for our sunbathing escape.

It was good to hang out with my big sister, she came along to the gig last night and she is a big laugher, which is great for any comedy night.

Her kids are now teenagers, and the have turned into lovely big girls. One is 16 and the younger girl is 15 and Ashley loves to see her cousins.

As I was sitting there in the blistering heat, I called Monica who asked me where I was, so I told her I was sun bathing, she screamed at me to get out of the sunshine as the last thing Red magazine needs is a big photo of my blistered red face! Fuck I forgot and immediately rubbed sunscreen of my fat cheeks.

Also got the clip of me doing a wee bit of my set on a video clip, (above in the title)its part of my show at Edinburgh fringe, there is some strong language so if you are easily shocked…its going to be a bumpy night!


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