Friday, May 20, 2005

WOW book of the month!

Just got great news my book that is being released in June has been nominated BOOK OF THE MONTH in WHSmith's in Scotland!

That put a smile on my face.

I am in leicester doing three nights at Jongleurs, the journey was horrid on that train, at one point we stopped ( Leaves on the fucking line???who'd thought stuff that fell from tress stopped a big electric engine? Maybe we should use that as bombs? Just drop wet leaves on another Nation to bring them to a halt?)

Anyway I watched sheep RACE down a hill...I kid you not, they fucking galloped, those wee white wooly fuckers can move, then one stopped as a bird swooped low and I swaer a sheep tried to bite it. It actually jumped and snapped its wee mouth at a big bird....I may have witnessed a sheep revolt. I dont know?

I need to go as the internet connection in the hotel is £5 for five minutes...thats officially more expensive than CRACK.

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