Monday, May 30, 2005

Life and times and boringness

I have been a bit tired and out of sorts, I am getting ready to go to London on Wednesday. The amount of packing I have to organise and get washed in preparation is driving me mental. Ashley seems to think nothing of wearing 'everything' she owns and it now all needs to be washed and dried and packed to go into a case. I have warned her not to TAKE EVERYTHING she owns...but that matters not. She will bring along the biggest amount of un-wearable stuff and bash it all into that case.

Husband cares not and asked me to pack for him as 'You know what I wear all the time anyway' I secretly felt like packing stuff he hates and watching his face as he offloaded his luggage and stared at a selection of old battered tee shirts and torn trousers he insists on keeping up the top of his closet. But I did not, i packed nice stuff.

I have got packing down to a fine art, as always I know who to make three pairs of knickers and two pairs of jeans, with a couple of tops thrown in....last two weeks.

I am worried about the rehearsals, I do know the play and I do the words, I am just stressed that I will have to do more 'book publicity' and it will eat into my rehearsal times. I do need to do all the stuff and I am probably being a grumpy cow and my family are anticipating me having a 'meltdown'.

I am trying to stop being shouty and scary, but the heartburn I am suffering with stress and it goes to my I am a bitch.

My neice is staying at my home and she seems to be happy and has everything under control. I even shouted at her.

Keep back...angry woman going on tour!

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