Sunday, May 01, 2005

being pregnant to God

There cant be anything more scarier than having a big sleep that involves a scary dream involving my daughter. I dreamt that Ashley was pregnant and was going to university with a wee baby and she was very proud of that. I was stricken, in the dream I begged her not to have the baby and go get an abortion...I woke up with a start and ran into the living room, all dazed and worried. It was only 6.30pm, I had been having a nap after we drove back from Manchester.

Ashley was sitting at the computer.

me-" I dreamt you were pregnant!" I screamed!

Ashley-"Thats funny, I did too, the other night"

me (even more concerned now)-" Could you be pregnant?"

Ashley-"Yes, to GOD! I may be actually carrying the next Messiah"

me-"Abort it quickly it will only bring you trouble"

That would be just my luck, to be the granny to the next God, we could call him God Godley, that would be fun.

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