Saturday, May 14, 2005

Janey Godley at the beach!

Yes, the stony beach at Millarochy was beautiful and the weather is just amazing, we packed a picnic and took along the nasty wind breaker that becomes a 'kite' if the wind is strong enough and actually managed to get it up. Ashley always takes the 'wee wind breaker' and lays down in the sunshine with her ipod stuck in her ears and ignores us...everytime.

I managed to being everything we needed for the lunch without forgetting a single itme....usualy a knife, or milk for the tea or tea bags for the tea!

Ashley dressed in her new shining bright white cheese cloth top and white sparkling gypsy skirt, picked up a tomato, bit it quick and I laughed as the bright red fruit burst and spurted down the white top and dripped onto the skirt.

She then got up to go to the toilet and slipped on her wee flip flops, flicked her long dark hair over her shoulder, smiled tunred to me and said "Do I look like Jesus dressed in all this white flowing stuff with drips of red on me?"

me-"Yes because Jesus looks like a tall white Scottish girl with breasts and flip flops and cool sunglasses carrying a top of the range IPOD!"

I have no idea what goes on in her head. She is doing comedy tonight, its been ages since she did a comedy gig. She started doing comedy when she was 10 and took her own show to Edinburgh fringe in 1999 at age 13 years old.

I think she is funny, she doesnt tell jokes, she tells funny scenarios and quirkly outlooks from her point of veiw.

Husband sat in the sun and went brown immediately whilst Ashley stayed white and I went red....well i have burnt the tops of my boobs! (again)


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