Saturday, May 21, 2005

rain and hotels

Well another rainy day in Leicester, I sit here in the lobby of the ancient but ok 'Grand Hotel' amongst the old Romanesque pillars that dominate the 'lounge', beneath the plastic atrium and can hear the rain drum out a tribal tune on the corrugated material masquerading as glass, I am sure the original was beautiful, why do they replace glass with plastic?

It took ages for the internet connection to link up with my laptop and this infuriated me and then i realised that my 'WI/FI card' was not inserted properly! Fool that I am.

I must admit that I like this old hotel, Jongleurs had originally deposited me into the local IBIS, it was situated on an 'island' amongst seven major roads and beside a hideous looking industrial estate behind the train station.

The room looked like one of those places you take someone else's husband for a fuck....yuk!

The bed was foamy and the toilet was literally like a 'Portaloo' constructed in your caravan of a room. I stayed one night and checked out next morning.

So here I the old 'Grand' now called the Ramada Jarvis! Sounds like a name from some single mother in Glasgow.

I may go shopping and buy more stuff if the rain stays off.

Am quite tired so I may just actually go back to bed and hoepfully dream of George Clooney, that wont happen now I have actually 'requested' a dream, I will probably have a scary flesh slicing best not sleep!

I am looking forward to getting home and being with my family, though on Monday I am flying to London to have lunch with 'Observer' journalists, no idea why they want to chat over lunch....have they seen how much I can eat?

well, I am later.

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