Friday, May 06, 2005

Blair is the Devil

I am tired, I was up all night trying use my psychic powers to slowly melt Tony Blair, even as he was speaking i was shouting "Pillow him"- Just a small dose of suffocation would do it.

Cant believe he is back in charge, I am going to live 'under the sea'.

Got a lovely card from the Drug Forum people for the performance of my play 'Smack-The Point of Yes'. It was staged as part of their drug awareness week. The play does not purport to 'stop' drugs, in fact the character in the play who takes drugs actually enjoys that she had the choice to do so.

I remember when i staged it for the Long term Lifer's in Shotts prison, the guys there really enjoyed it as it did use language and tackle subjects that they had dealt with. I cant wait to get on stage at Soho Theatre with it!

The Scotsman newspaper ran a nice piece quoting my blog today. That was good of them!

Got a nice review in the Times - It comments on the black man who lives inside my head! Well he is sexy and worth a mention. I think every girl should have one.

I have to go back to doctors this week as the lump in my left boob hurts again, I have had three needle biopsy things and two mamograms ( very important not to ignore a lump, even if you assume its just a build up of chocolate) and have been given the all clear but when it hurts my very dilligent Doctor likes to keep checking it. She is great at her job.

Sometimes it the nice male doc and he always treats me with utmost humility, but I feel I have wielded my overblown tits on him more than enough, when I come into his surgery I can see him wince and probably think

"Oh Dear God, Please dont let me have to see that fat woman's breasts again"

I am sure it will all be ok, and not cancer...unlike the country...if only we could cut that fucking lump out of our system. War hungry lying beast Blair.

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