Friday, May 27, 2005

Invites and fun

Got the invites today from Ebury for my book launch in Glasgow. They are very nice, I am looking forward to the party. It's in the Bistro where the El Presidente boys own.

It's been very very sad for them lately and my heart goes out to them, just as they are getting a well deserved run of success, both their parents die in a space of six weeks/ Their father died just the other week and their lovely mum passed away just recently in April.

How terribly sad for them.

I went in there today and helped out, served a few coffee's and cleared a few tables. Carmen and Guilliano are trying to put on a brave face and keep serving up good food and smiles.

I know how hard that can be, years ago when my mammy died I went straight back to work in the pub, and tried hard to stop myself from thinking about her. It's hard.

I chatted to Fabrice (chef and family member) about the food being served at the launch and he has a good few ideas and to be honest the man is a GREAT CHEF...his homebaked onion bread is awesome, equally his chilli and strawberry cheesecakes are stunningly good-( yes I know-odd combination but amazing).

So free food and free drink to my guests at the book launch.

Am getting packed up slowly for London, just putting a few essentials in the case before Ashley manages to stuff 500 things into hers and overload of luggage allowance.

I did a bad thing today and am scared to tell you in case my family read this....but will keep you posted and maybe let the secret out in aset of coded messages...did I tell you how much I love codes?


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