Sunday, July 03, 2005

When in Rome!

Can you believe this place? I am over whelmed beyond belief. There is a Colloseum in the street where we would find a Marks and Spencers, there is a Pyramid where normally you see a Macdonalds. I am so in love with this city, you turn a corner and there stands a building built before Jesus got to be a jew...hows that for mind blowing!?

Beautiful, grand, marble and statuesque fountains surround the city and just when you least expect it you stumble on an ancient piece of history waiting for you to stare at.

I sat last night in a steet cafe, drank cheap wine and ate yummy pasta (according to my dad, Rome makes the best pasta...weird eh?) I am meeting up with my friends today, am off to shout at the Pope,will probably be attacked by scary angry nuns who like a fight. I will challenge them to some tiger bating if they wish...I am a warrior!

talk soon.

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