Tuesday, July 05, 2005

pains and nightmares in a beautiful city

I am all sore with that fall yesterday, I must have pulled some muscles as I pavement slammed, the tops of my arms ache and I spent the night having goulish dreams of being buried alive. I woke with strange voices talking loudly and realised it was the cleaners next door to my room. My bruises are taking on whole new forms of fun.

They always say you should leave a part of you in Rome and take a bit home with you, well i left blood on the ancient cobbles and am taking home grit embedded in my knee...how's that for gift like knick knacks? I possibly have Caesars toe nail clipping seeping into my DNA as we speak.

I am incredibly hot and the weather is so sapping.

I watch the teenagers parade the Piazza Navonna (beautiful square with fountains), they carry these God Awful loud megaphone type toys that blast indescribable voice morphed slogans...they all seem to love them and every other fucker has one. I know there is nothing that these sperm filled acne ridden youths have to say, that I want to hear LOUDLY! It is a point to be made that I have as yet never seen a girl carry one of these bloody tannoys- they are statue annoyers..I am sure the ancient posturing stone people would love to leap off their marble traps and kick the daft Italian boys in the crotch.

The amazing stillness and the delicate yet demanding beauty of the Panthenon is broken constantly by the noise of these fuckers...I think they should be banned.

Ok rant over! I am sure the Italians hated me shouting and swearing as i clattered my ungracious body onto their sidewalk.

Today I am in an internet cafe beside Castel Sant' Angelo on my way on foot to the Vatican. My blister hurts but I do think the Pope deserves my visit.

Dont you?

Talk soon. Ciao Baby!

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