Tuesday, July 12, 2005

The heat is on

I am slowly melting into a fat blob of liquid cellulite.

I love Glasgow in the summertime, but shopping in that heat is clearly mental. The amount of kids out of school running up and down shopping aisles is crazy and screaming mothers, tempers flared by the heat chasing them for a slap (is that not illegal?)...it's a world gone mad.

I am ready for my preview shows in london, I was slightly concerned that i would not have an act...but it seems a quick chat with my daughter helped, she reminded me of all the stuff I talk about and we both worked out some funny shit to do. So I was calm then I got a call from BBC about the radio show I am on this weekend "Loose Ends", I have to do 4 minutes of material ...not that its a problem, but I always panic that my material is good but may bot be suitable for certain times of the day. I am not a 'blue' comic by any means but I do worry.

Then I got a call from BBC Scotland to remind me of a show they are filming that I am involved in, fuck I forgot about that. Never mind it's all sorted and my head is around it all now.

I have been feeling a bit weird lately, just odd in an emotional way. When I was in Italy, I had a chat with a good pal and we talked about being really really honest and this stuck in my head, I dont know if I am totally honest about everything in my life and it worries me. There is some stuff I will take to my grave and I am not sure if I can or ever will talk about it.

I wont talk about it on here, but my mate tells me he wants to start a website where people can be truly honest about stuff and that struck me as a good idea.

When I was in Manchester, I woke up in the middle of the night and wrote down everything I am guilty of ( bear in mind my Edinburgh show is called Janey Godley is Innocent) and I sat there staring at it. Then I burnt the paper and fell back asleep and was plagued by horrible screaming nightmares, so much so I walked in my sleep.

I have said some nasty things in my life, done some unforgivable things and witnessed some stuff that I will never talk about...surely thats not unique?

Is it?

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