Friday, July 29, 2005

Black dog

I have stopped smoking again…I know what you are saying…when did you start again? Well I started smoking again since June when I was doing the play.
Husband was bitterly disappointed with me and I cannot even begin to tell you how bad I felt when talking to my father.
Never mind, I am OFF the fags again…in time for the Fringe!

I had fun yesterday when my mate Jay Gaban (an old pal) took me to visit an elderly couple who knew my mammy when she was younger and they knew the man who was her boyfriend and eventual murderer.
The couple Bill and Betsy had a big black dog called ‘darkie’ ( I kid you not) and the only way I could get into a conversation with them without the big dog BARKING loudly was to pat it’s old fat ass…It was getting all odd and horny but I had to keep patting it’s hind quarters as it groaned and moaned in ‘doggy horny’ language, the minute I stopped ‘courting it and patting it’s ass’ the dog barked over the man’s very interesting conversation.
Bill knew Peter Greenshields (my mother’s murderer and boyfriend) very well and told me that Greenshields had actually admitted to killing another woman called ‘Manchester Mary’ in Glasgow back in 1950’s. This intrigued me and if there is anyone out there who knows anything about this let me know?
So I had a sore hand stroking an old dog but got loads of perspective on the man who killed my mum and that was worth it.

I am tired again for no real reason and this is worrying me. I seem to be tired during the day and ratty to everyone…maybe that’s just me being a woman in her 40’s?

Who knows?

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