Saturday, July 16, 2005


YES! The soul sexy love God..Alexander O'Neal was a guest on the radio show BBC radio 4 'Loose Ends' (Tonight Saturday 6.15pm).

I was doing a guest spot and HE was sitting beside ME....I melted...I have all his music on my IPOD.

I did this story about how Ashley was selling my knickers on EBAY and I actually offered live on air Alexander O'Neal a pair of mine for FREE!!!!!

The show went well, I was nervous and I did advertise my blog on the radio also, I am so naughty.

Last night my preview went as well as expected, I was nervous but I threw away the script in my head and went on a rant about stuff that turned out to be funny, the audience liked me so I am therefore happy. I did discover some of the stuff that didn’t work and that will be excluded for tomorrow nights preview.

I am still all gooey about Alexander O' much of a tit am I?

So it's Saturday and I am free tonight though am on call in case some comedy club has a let down, but otherwise am free to chill out!

It's Summer in the city and I am hot hot hot...but not as hot as I was an hour ago!

I am in love....the black man who lives in my head is jealous, but that's life.

Listen in tonight if you wish, it also streams on the internet Radio 4 BBC Loose ends 6.15pm.

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Beatloaf said...

If you're a fan of Alexander O'Neal are you also a fan of The Time or Prince?