Thursday, July 28, 2005

Old Photo's make me smile

Went to see my old pal today and she pulled out loads of old pics. I was in one and I laughed my ass off totally...I was dressed in a long grey tweed looking skirt, a pale nylon blouse with a big tie bow at the neck and long sleeveless woollen cardigan that tied in the middle! My legs were dark brown, due to my tights and the shoes were the type favoured by angry headmistresses or female PE teachers.

I looked like I was 54 years of age!

Wot the fuck was I thinking of when I dressed like Mrs Timpkins from Tippendale tea rooms?

I had no idea how old I looked when I was so young, I was 20 years of age in the picture, I must have thought that was either business-like or strangely sexy?

Thank God I am not as mentally dressed today, though I do still have problems trying to dress like a 44 year old. When I did that mental TV show 'Kings Of Comedy' on C4, one of the most frequent comments I got was that I dressed really shabbily, or that I wore no make up. It was a kind of Big Brother type show where we were watched 24 hours a day.

I saw no reason to 'dress up' and that's my problem, I don’t think people judge me as how I dress but of course THEY DO! So I now need to start looking a bit better and therefore I have spoken to Fashion Guru Kelly Cooper-Barr, she dresses the likes of Kylie and Gwyneth.

Kelly is going to have a good fashion chat with me soon. Hopefully i will dress more like my age and less like a teenage angry lesbian/crazy cat collecting bush woman.

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