Monday, July 04, 2005

the face of jesus on my palm got is the money shot- that bruise where I fell today is coming up as a face of Jesus on my palm! Well it's either him or Jimi Hendrix but since I am in Rome I am plumping for the BIG MAN Jesus himself.

I am scared to let the locals know this in case they keep me here and pay pilgramige to my scabby hand and then beat it more to keep the face alive!

I walked miles today, I saw the Spanish Steps (not that nice to be honest) but then made it onto another big monument and then another and then another, I cannot recall all the names right now but I will give a better detailed account when my hand doesnt hurt when I type.

As I bend my hand to manipulate the keyboard, Jesus's face morphs into an image of Tweetie Pie, I cannot believe I am the first woman to get that much fun from my palm...usually a male dominated area of solitary past time.

I am a bit tanned and that looks nice on me, saves covering myself in cheap bronzing powder. I am still scared of the traffic here, the people drive like suicide bombers on crack.

must go, I need to look at the bruise on my right breat, if that shows an image of the Last Supper...then I am of to throw myself at the mercy of nuns and thats no great prospect!

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