Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Prague is Sexy!

Can you believe how beautiful this place is? I have never seen such amazing buildings and huge churches, mostly hidden behind buildings because communists liked them unseen.
The hotel is just unbelievably perfect! We are staying at the Caesars Palace in the city.
Honestly-we have two big beds in our room, all ornately craved and they match the two big claw footed carved wardrobes at the foot of each bed! The high ceiling is decorated with a delicate chandelier that drips crystals that make the light dance all over the expansive room….and get this THE INTERNET IS FREE!
Husband went for a sauna, they gave him the key so he could have the facilities all to himself and he raved about the ambient lighting, the free robes…he is like an excited puppy.

We went for walk through the city and husband was overjoyed to see the biggest TESCO store he has ever seen. Slowly in the late summer sun that lit up every cobble on the meandering streets, we made our way up to the Obecni Dom which features the famous Opera house and the unimaginably beautiful American Bar, honestly you should see the original Art Deco features that have been untouched since its creation in 1912…I was in heaven…I love looking at old buildings and I took some lovely pictures which I will post like a big boring spaz when I get home.

So I have nothing sarcastic or remotely funny to report, except there is as many homeless/drunk people here as there are in Glasgow and at one point when a poor mental man started shouting at the strangers he did actually sound more Scottish than me and for a horrifying moment I thought he was a Glaswegian and even his dog sounded like a wee Glasgow ‘dug’ as it barked….but turned out the poor man was just babbling and that’s what Glasgow people sound like sometimes!
I love Prague…I love it!

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