Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Prague in the Mist!...

We went the most amazing walk; firstly we traveled up a wee trolley cable car type bus thing, up into the hills. Then we slowly made our way down through the parkland and onto Prague castle, which looked less of a castle and more of a big Palace. The Church there was awesome and the stained glass windows were just eye boggling. I took some pics. We spent ages trying to find the John Lennon Peace Wall….when we eventually found it, it was just some anonymous wall covered in indecipherable graffiti…I wished I had tall ladders so that I could get to the top of that wall and spray in big letters my website…then add ‘PEACE TO ALL’ at the end of it…

Last night we went to a traditional Prague restaurant, it was so warm and welcoming, that we waited for a table. The food is ever so mixed up to us, like beef with pork and cheese and onions! That’s four fucking meals rolled into one for me! We also had chicken, with green curry sauce, green beans. Lemons, lettuce, sauerkraut and potato wedges…with a slice of tomato. It was all yummy and washed down with local beer.

This hotel really is excellent, the service is just amazing and the people make it special.
I read that there was a comedy festival for UK ex-pates here in Prague, so today I met the director and he was lovely AND Scottish!
We chatted over coffee and he told me so much about the comedy scene here in Prague…was very interesting.

It is not as cold here as I expected and today I was out with just warm top and thin trousers, yet the weather did not kill me as I expected it to. So that was a bonus all round. Still the trams are unpredictable and could flatten me at any minute!
Am off to explore more things…talk later.

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