Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Car Crash outside my house!

There is a busy main road outside my flat, it leads up to the M8 and the road outside has a NO RIGHT TURN sign that most drivers ignore and swing their cars around into the face of oncoming busy traffic…EVERYDAY!

Tonight a car turned, missed and hit the actual NO RIGHT TURN sign, then whacked into another car, reversed into a jeep, then gave up trying to sort it out, and ran away leaving the car in the middle of the road! I know all this because my daughter sits beside the window on her PC and she saw the lot!
I did take pictures but they came out way too dark!

Meanwhile, the pictures of me in RED Magazine are nice; I am standing barefoot in a sunny doorway, with the light from behind making my skirt very sheer…very Lady Diana!
Its in December Issue of RED Magazine and I am on page 110, it’s in the shops now, but expensive I am afraid and I will soon have the ok to post the picture here on my blog.

I am off to Birmingham tomorrow to perform at Jongleurs for three nights. I am looking forward to it and haven’t been to Birmingham in a while, I bought a great pair of brown leather boots there in 1993 and they are still in good nick, so I will wear them again!

I need to go pack and get everything ready for tomorrow morning; Ashley is looking forward to having the house for the weekend. She is DJ-ing this Saturday. She loves her new job, despite their funny name and penchant for skanky pop.
A young girl asked her to play Pink Floyd and my poor daughter had to point to the sign at the front of her decks and say “I am sorry, I cant play that as I work for a company that calls itself Cheezy Choonz…yes that’s tunes spelt with a CH and ends with a Z…Abba, Black Lace and anything by Tom Jones is in though, I love the Floyd but the people wearing shiny sequins will complain”

Talk soon.

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