Monday, November 07, 2005

Fighting and Holidays…

Despite the meltdown we suffered in Birmingham, husband and I have just booked a last minute 3 day break to Prague…In the old days of our marriage I used to call a holiday ‘Another fight in another country’ maybe now it wont be.

So tomorrow we leave for Prague, a nice four star hotel and hopefully fun…surely a mini Euro-break means that we are in love?

I am looking forward to seeing the amazing architecture and ancient streets; I have always wanted to go there. Prague looks beautiful on the websites and they even have stand up comedy from the UK! Not that I will be doing a gig, but I am just amazed that they do.

So I have pulled out my old hat and glove set as I am sure it will be fucking freezing, I remember going to Bruges in the November of 1987, the weather was sub zero and I thought I was going to die with the cold wind coming off the sea. The whole place was stuffed with ‘lace’ shops or ‘Chocolate boutiques’. I don’t recall anything from the place coz I was so cold I spent the two days wrapped up inside a scarf…chittering and rubbing my sore weather beaten cheeks.
Glasgow was like a tropical island compared to it.

The next time I write I will be in Prague, they seem to have loads of internet shops!

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