Saturday, November 05, 2005

Fox Hunting and Police Raids…

Read on the BBC today that hordes of police are attending a fox hunt. In the new ‘fox hunt’ a quad bike races off smelling of fox, the hounds chase the bike, the hunt chase the hounds and the police today are chasing the hunt….meanwhile in Glasgow there is a man killing prostitutes and he is still on the run! Work that out!

Can you believe in this day and age we are more concerned that a fox may be accidentally killed by a hunt? I am NOT PRO HUNT but for fucksake, there is racial tension in Birmingham, we have terrorist issues in UK, we have a situation where we do not have enough police in the community and there is resources being abused by making sure a fox doesn’t die illegally. We hit and killed one with a car last year as it ran onto the motorway in the dead of night. How illegal was that? Now I love animals and cried when we killed it…but this government needs to fucking work out what it wants.

I reckon we should have a ‘BLAIR hunt’, yes let that fucker run through fields and I would hunt him down and deck him, then rip off his wee empty head.

Birmingham is a nice city to be honest, I have never seen so many civic buildings looking so clean and well laid out, the centre is tidy and they have amazing fountains and artistically lit up sculptures. There is a BIG WHEEL, like the Millennium wheel in London, its all lit up and stands like a huge glittery bangle against the dark night sky. I love it and husband is desperate to get on it and I am desperate for him to stop talking about that as I am scared of heights!

Just want to say hi to all the people in South America who email me with nice words about my book, thanks I do appreciate it.
If anyone needs info on the book it’s called ‘Handstands in The Dark’ published by Ebury/Random and you can buy it in most big book stores or Amazon and other booksellers on the web, go to my webpage to see details if you are really interested!
Thanks all…talk tomorrow.

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