Thursday, November 17, 2005

Newcastle and Fun…

I love this city, even though the weather nearly killed me. Fuck its cold brrrrr.
The Funny Women on Tour was pretty quiet to be honest but the good news is my pal Ann who is on the cover of my book lives in Newcastle (there is a blurry black and white photo of her and I at 14 years old on my autobiography cover). Anyway she came to the show with her lovely daughter Charmaine and her husband Mick.

The audience was sparse but fucking awesome. There was an amazing lady called Carole in the front row, she told us all how she is a nurse who dresses up and uses a dildo as performance art…COMEDY GOLD and she was so so very nice.

Mrs. Barbra Nice wooed the small crowd; she even managed to body surf that wee audience! Fucking wicked. I love her.
It was nice seeing my mate Ann again, we were teenagers together, sharing the same math class and fantasising over The Rubettes and Donny Osmond. Can you believe I was a Rubette fan?

We loved dancing in her bedroom to Juke Box Jive…I swear when I see pictures of the Rubettes back in 1975…they all look at least 45 years of age BACK THEN! Fuck knows how they look now! I was in love with them.
We just made it back to the hotel and ate some lovely hot fish and chips….home tomorrow.

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