Friday, October 28, 2005

Sunny October

Can you believe how sunny it is here in UK? I think if the bird flu doesn’t get us the ozone leak will. I mean fucksake it was never this hot in the summer...what is going rained for seven days in a row, now we have sunshine? We are all GONNA DIE!
The apartment here in London is just awesome, I mean ...pure luxury, I don’t really belong here, it makes me feel like I should be wearing a black negligee, strutting around smoking from a long cigarette holder and entertaining 'Gentlemen Callers'...I mean I don’t think there are hookers in this building but it is how imagined a 'swanky pad in the city' would look like if I was high class call girl.
Clearly at my age I have missed the boat on the whole 'Men would pay to have sex with me' thing.
The good news is I have not been sick, so I don’t think pregnancy is on the cards, but that did panic me a little. Still off the ciggies and that has been a challenge and a half to be honest but am getting through it all.
I am up early tomorrow to go to BBC and do the interview, am a bit nervous but excited and the people there are so lovely and I have nothing to worry about!

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