Monday, October 31, 2005


I slept until 1pm today! Then found out it was actually 12 midday as the clocks went back an hour! That is just weird. London is still warm, which is strange, Monica and I walked for ages with our coats over our arms as the warm African breeze was as beautiful as the sun set tonight. Big dappled vermilion streaks slashed through with a baby blue sky with the London landmarks in the foreground making an extremely unusually summer-ish late October landscape.
Yet we have to be prepared for the bitter scary winter they keep predicting. I actually like the cold, I fucking hate the rain…but cold is ok.
I fly home today I suppose by the time I blog this as its early Monday 1.08 am…I need to sleep soon. My legs hurt as Monica and I walked it from Soho all the way to Chelsea, it was still warm after dark and the walk was lovely. We went past Buckingham Palace and saw an ambulance screech out of it around midnight…we speculated on who may be in need of emergency treatment and decided it was a footman who had been stabbed in the head with a fork by Prince Phillip. The man is fucking mental and probably thought the footman was a wild boar in need of capture. I am convinced he has altzimers disease…why else would he talk the shit he talks?
The poor Queen must spend hours saying stuff like “Phillip do let the dog go, it’s not a snake and please stop calling the cook a nig nog…it really isn’t done anymore”
I walked past Kensington Palace and thought about Diana and how she was adored and terribly missed, I also thought about how ingenious she was by hiding cute men in her car boot for after hours sex as she drove them into that big empty house. The fun she must have had, fuck I wish I could have been that brave in my lifetime, to sneak cock in to the house my in laws pay for (or rather us actually) and still get away with the whole ‘Queen of Hearts ‘ thing…what a fucking dude she was…wish I had that spirit. That’s what I liked about her, she was getting plenty of cute men the minute Charles fucked her off…even way back in 1985, when she was seeing Hewitt. Good on her! The Upper Classes know how to have a good time I can tell you.
Well I am working class and very old and boring, so am off to bed for an early start.

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