Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Strangest Nights sleep ever…

The woman with the long black shiny hair woke up on the satin bed;
She felt the soft ripple of expensive silk between her scarred sore fingers. Her head became muddled with confusion, where was she?
The last thing she remembered was being pulled about by screaming children, hungry children all wanting her attention.
She could hardly believe she was in such a beautiful place. Her eyes took in the expanse of the warm room, the thick heavy drapes, covered in deep ornate designs that cut into the heavy plush velvet. The dark oak table stood proudly, holding a huge tray of deep red plums that shone in that dim candle light, her mouth watered at the sight. She was hungry and sore...her heart leaped, she slipped off the bed and felt her feet sink into the thick warm furry pile of the carpet. She threw back the curtains and realised she was in a dream and outside was fat women wearing beige tight leggings that looked like the ladies were naked yet had no genitals. Screaming women, with fake tans that looked like they had painted Cuprinol Wood stain on their own skin, jangley jewellery hanging from drunken necks as the women swayed like some obscure ‘Chav Ballet Dance’.
The woman with the black curly hair realised she was in Butlins Holiday Camp in Blackpool and the nightmare could only get worse. Maybe death would come soon.

Thought I would write a weird wee story for you all today!

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Kim said...

Okay. That was weird.