Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Still Raining….that’s five days in a row.

It’s making me blue, all this rain. I know that’s selfish in comparison to other natural weather disasters, but I feel sick with the rain…every day …every hour…rain and more rain. The streets look slick, the sky is constantly dark throughout the day and the incessant noisy ‘swish’ as car go driving through the wet roads beside my flat backed up with constant drip, drip from the skies is making me crazy.

I had to go out today and I HATE going out in the rain, Glasgow is so dirty and mixed with the deep puddles and fucking manky rain, my clothes smelt like mould, my jeans were soaked up to the calves and fucking filthy sky water had stained my jacket…I hate it. AAARRRGGhhh……

I want to be on that beach on Great Barrier Island, just off the coast of Auckland, I wanna be there…sitting on the white sand watching dolphins play in the cove. I had such fun and peace there, why the fuck am I in the city of RAIN?

Life goes on in the dark city streets, I complain but at least I don’t have to live on the wet pavements, like some people who are homeless, so I must stop whingeing!

I am off to Sheffield this Friday to work; I have never been there before and am looking forward to seeing how that city looks in the rain! (It will rain trust me…its fucking following me)

Decided to eat healthily today and cooked whole grain rice, lentils and chick peas…fuck it looked awful but tasted really nice! I crumbled a chicken stock cube into it and that made it taste better. I need to lose weight and get off sugar and fats, so I am eating whole foods that are less processed, I am not sure how evil a stock cube is, but it can only be better than my normal daily intake of chocolate/jelly sweets/cakes and ice cream. I am determined to get fitter and eat less crap. Who knows I may just look better after six weeks of lentils and rice?

Then again, I may end up a farting machine….

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