Monday, October 17, 2005

Days of Darkness…

I had two whole days of feeling very bleak and down. I have no idea how it happened and I am not so sure it’s actually gone to be honest. I am into week one of my detox diet and have not smoked at all and am not doing nicotine therapy and am feeling slightly spaced out.

I have never really been depressed before so I am not too sure if that was what it was, but I was awful. I slept too much and even when I woke up I made myself go back to sleep rather than face the day or my family. That’s not good.

So I got up today, made myself get ready and walked for about an hour. I finally made it to the bank so I could put in my cheques and then I wandered slowly home and gradually somewhere along the way I started to feel less dark. I popped into my local café and chatted with some friends, drank tea and forgot about the smoking thing (which was good!) and felt good enough to get home with a smile. Husband was scared to look me in the face in case I was still in ‘Myra Hindley Mode’, he simply smiled and hugged me. I never said anything and let him take off my coat.

“I feel a bit better” I told him. “Good, I missed you” he answered.

So there we have it, I am all ready for my big TV appearance this Friday on BBC One Scotland on the ‘Craig Hill’s Out Tonight’. I think it can be viewed on Sky 941. I bought myself a new top and a semi see through top for underneath, as soon as I put it on Ashley screamed at me “Mum please cover up your cleavage, your tits are huge and I don’t want everyone at Uni to watch your tits and talk about them like they did when you were on Kings of Comedy”.
Last year I was on a ‘reality type comedy show’ and in one episode I was caught on camera pushing up my boobs into my bra from a camera directly above me pointing down and it was a HUGE TIT SHOT…I still go red thinking about it. So I will cover up and look respectable.

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