Friday, October 28, 2005

About Last night…

I had a ball last performing the play Smack- the Point of Yes at Yoker last night. It sold out and the people were awesome, there were loads of teenagers, and that’s really the first time loads of young people had come to see it. They laughed at the most inappropriate moments, and that’s why I loved them being there!
I was so worried I would forget my lines, but as always the whole thing came flooding back to me the minute I stepped on stage.
So here I am up early and ready to fly to London, except a few minutes ago, as I sat at the PC, I felt really nauseous and vomited into the toilet bowl, this really took me by surprise and now I feel really sick and have to get on a fucking plane!
Why am I sick? I don’t know…please GOD not morning sickness? Oh Holy Shit…I cannot be pregnant…I vomited for 9 months with my daughter when I was carrying her…I am off to prepare to throw myself out of the fucking aircraft!

I will talk to you when I land in London and get a connection….
Am off to puke.

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