Sunday, October 30, 2005

Radio 4 is fun!!!

I was nervous this morning as I left the luxurious apartment here in Chelsea. I know the people at BBC were so supportive, but my nerves were gathering like angry wee bees in my tummy and by the time the big smooth BMW car purred into a stop at the BBC centre, I thought my head would explode.
I have to say that the guy I was interviewing, Mat Fraser, was so very lovely, he was helpful, intelligent and quite sexy I must add! He was a pleasure to work with. It all went fine and my foray into national broadcast interviewing went good. I have much to learn, but they are giving me more jobs, so therefore I have the opportunity to gain more experience at BBC Radio 4. I love 'em!
I met up with Monica afterwards, we haven’t seen each other since July and she was very proud of me for not smoking, and said I had lost some weight as well which pleased me no end.
Can you believe how old we are getting? WE used to rush home on Saturdays in London, dress up and grab a cab into the West End to go out on the town, go to some exclusive club, stay out till 4am (once we ended up in some famous footballers flat...fuck knows who he was but he was really rich-remind me to tell you that story sometime)....meanwhile back in the land of old woman’s world-we went to the shops to buy lamb and low fat crisps for our dinner...fucking hell next it will be knitting and menopause classes...I am old and saggy.
Talk soon.

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