Saturday, October 08, 2005


Manchester is heaving, the whole city is gearing up for the big England versus Austria football match tonight, and the city is being hammered by relentless rain. I am here to emcee Jongleurs and last night went as good as. I love the Manchester club, there is something about it that gives it that 'bear pit' feeling, which can be scary but is more often just fun.
So here I am sitting waiting in an internet shop, wondering how the night will fare, if England get beaten, do they happy people turn up sad? Probably.

Wish I had more interesting stuff to say, but to be honest I am wet, cold and in Manchester....maybe tomorrow I will have loads to say, maybe by then God will have stopped talking to George Bush and turned his attention to me. I cannot take on board that God had a chit chat with that wanker...I have to say when Bush hammers on about the danger of extreme religious fundamentalists…I find that very ironic, as you don’t get anymore extreme that saying GOD told you bomb innocent people.
Why doesn’t God talk to people and tell them to take up knitting for the poor, or talk to chav's and tell them to clean up graffiti?
Who tomorrow?

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