Monday, June 06, 2005

Sorry I am Late

I have been so busy I am going mental!

I have not blogged in days as rehearsals are every day and nights are spent trying to learn me lines! I am quite worried I will forget all the lines and stand there on stage and have to fucking pretend to 'faint'.

Took Ashley to the Groucho Club the other night and we were both so knackered we just sat there and chatted about the play. She was keen, to get me organised and make sure that all press interviews are in the diary, I am so confused, i am trying to make sure this play is up to scratch and make sure I am doing all the press for the launch.

We got tired and got up to leave when Ashley passed Val Kilmer (one of her favourite actors). Her heart was broke as when she pulled herself up to full height she was taller than him....he is quite small and that made me laugh.

Was annoyed that the Observer interview did not go to press on Sunday but am sure it will be next week, I have the Scotsman flying to London on Thursday to do an interview at my favourite Covent Garden Hotel. This was where I met Brooke Shields and after she told me about her book on postnatal depression, I showed her my stretch marks to prove how 'Totally into birth and babies' i was.

Daughter was appalled.

must go dinner is cooked and I am launch in tomorrow night straight after rehearsals.

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