Wednesday, June 01, 2005

exhausted and elated

I am tired, here I sit in Westminster in the 'Flashy Flat'. The day has been long and weary, we finally arrived at Heathrow and the limo ( I kid you not-a huge big fancy car was there, not a stretch limo, just a regular and very classy) we lay back and plugged in our IPOD's and took in the tea time traffic!

The flat is nice but the bloody storage space is tiny and instead of being near 'Soho in a ten Minute walk' it's a fucking ten minute walk if you are Paula Radcliffe without the bad bladder or Kelly Holmes without the self harm ! It is far away from everything and being in the part of the city that houses no houses and just offices, they literally shut the shops at 5pm and take the pavements in for the night!

I am exhausted moaning about that and the fact the place has NO INTERNET connection...oh they have a business centre BUT it does not actually have anything to do with business...I assume they keep pigeons there and tie messages onto them and let them away...what a fucked up business has

The most amazing sauna and steamroom and small but awesome pool with jets etc...and a gym (Like I care) and beauty rooms (I do care).

I was so fucked up stressed trying to get online and the phone system was more expensive than CRACK!

Ashley then noticed a box thingy on top of the TV and found phone wires in a hall cupboard (the only storage space that houses a boiler) she connected phone wires to TV box thing and other wire to my laptop and HEY FUCKING PRESTO I am online...we are not sure how but we neither care coz I am happy smiling girl again and that is all that matters.

I smiled today as my sister called me to tell me she tried to buy my book in Shettleston/Parkhead (Glasgow's East End) and she was told that despite the book not officially having been launched it's SOLD OUT! They had 75 copies and they are ALL!

I am excited, but tomorrow I have to get up go be interviewed by Best Mag and then am doing a radio show at 2pm. The Observer should be out in Sunday with the photoshoot and article that I did last week and week I am on 'This Morning' tv show!

Must go need to lose ten stone in four days.

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