Sunday, June 12, 2005

Sex and love and money

Well I love sex and Love and Money! I am getting some of two and not enough of the other as I have been so fucking busy this last week I feel that today (Sunday) I can finally breathe! HURRAAH My Soho Theatre run closed last night and I feel GREAT!

Sorry I have been neglecting my BLOG..I do feel bad, and nasty to the people who check my life daily. Apologies accepted?Please?

This past two weeks have been mental and scary as hell and the most intense I have ever been through....well other than waiting for three nights to give birth and suffering pain and fear back in 1986...that beats everything hands down I have to add!

The play has been the hardest thing i have ever done, when I wrote it back in 2003 and my husband produced the cash to put it on and my daughter did the PR at the Fringe 2003...I had no idea what that cathartic piece of theatre would produce. Certainly not a book deal/tv work and the play transferring to the West End of London! But it did.

The play was tightened up and re-directed by in house director Nadine Hoare at Soho Theatre and she did great work on it, I love it as it is now. The audience numbers were awesome and it SOLD OUT! Wow!

I even made friends with a young addict in Soho whom I met each day whilst going to rehearsals, he spoke to me about his addiction and I explained that the play I was performing was about heroin, he was lovely. He was also ashamed about his addiction and I reminded him that the smart TV people running around him could easily be addicted to cocaine and the difference between them and him was that they were just junkies who still had money......he had run out! We laughed and hugged and had tea together and we met each day to catch up on our lives and to share a wee while with each others company. He met Ashley and she spontaneously hugged him and he told her that he had not been hugged in months and that to have such a cute girl be there was great for him. He flirted with her (he was a twenty three year old handsome dude) and they both chatted about music and stuff.

I watched them and it hit home that it really could be her sitting there with a dirty blanket begging for cash. I am so so grateful for her safety and that she lives a life that is not soaked in pain or addiction. That is what the play is all about...choices..choices we make and as humans we must repect other people choices.

The book is selling well and I have been doing radio and journalists all week, I was very very pleased to see the Observer's article in todays newspaper. I love the photo, and thats unusual as normally I look like a fat grumpy whore, but I am smiling and posing in a giggly looking stance and that is really who I am at times...just a woman having a giggle.

I had my period yesterday and it nearly killed me trying to perform and die inside with the pain....but I cant be the only female in a West End play losing half my blood supply and smiling through it all. Cheers to all the woman who pretend to be happy and suffer cramps...I am with you all the way there!

I have so many flowers in the apartment and last night Angela and David who rent out the flat to me came to see the play and sent me the most stunning bouquet of ridiculously beautiful roses and chatted with me, they are great. Its really good to meet really cool people in London and make friends...whether they are homeless or sipping Pimms in the Groucho...Ashley and I met a plethora of good people this trip and thats what I will leave here with.

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