Thursday, June 30, 2005

Book review

Am getting packed for Rome, seems all I do is pack and unpack that damn suitcase. I am slightly worried about the heat in Italy apparently the heat is scorching so I had to go buy factor 30 coz I am Scottish and will fry like a wee egg as soon as I hit the tarmac over there.

I have never been to Italy but am excited, cant wait to hurl abuse at the Nazi Pope...maybe he too thinks Jesus is a Catholic! I will set him staright. I am also disgusted that Sir Goodytwoshoes Geldof has invited the Pope to Live 8.

I am appalled, this is the man who represents a religion who have let thousands die due to the ignorance of AIDS in Africa.

I am allowed my opinion and am sorry if that offends some people ( am not really- but feel I cannot press my opnion on people).

Anyway here is my first book review.

I am pleased with it. I like the constructive critisisms, he did make a mistake in the above review, read the bit near the end of it - it mentions me taking people to join the Cathcart LABOUR party-it was in fact the CONSERVATIVE party...but he is allowed to make a mistake.

I have a huge spot on my chin and am worried I will have a nasty period in the Vatican city....imagine me all angry with tufty hair and hormonal issues faced with the Catholic Church.

It will be fun fun fun!

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