Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Glastonbury and Rome

Well I am packed..ready and off to go to Glastonbury. Ashley still thinks we are going to a 'small resort' near a music stage that is bedecked with fountains and sweet smelling flowers, where cool showers run free and electricity is fast flowing throughout.......NO..

Dry caked or wet slopping mud, crazy out of their head comics running mental, cold food, cold tents or blazing hot canvas hell...noise 24-7 and toilets that make Guantanamo Bay look like The Ritz's private suite. She will SCREAM...but that's life! This is the gril who refused to sleep any where in Blackpool other than the Hilton, this is the girl who doesn't even share a toilet at home (she has her own).

Oh how we will laugh.

By the way cherries are cheap just now and I have been sitting eating them for ages and it has just came to me that they taste NOTHING like the 'CHERRY' flavour that we associate cherries with...like Cherry gum or cherry sweets...that is fuck all like cherry's in fact real cherry's taste like grapes only blander..why is that? I have eaten cherry pie and cherry cake...still nothing like real cherry's.

I am off to Rome in two weeks time, I am desperate to get ther and booked the flight last minute but as of yet have no accomodation. Will do that when I get home.

I am off, i will be doing some Radio Show on BBC and stuff...see you all next week.

I will be off line until next Tuesday.

Miss me?

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