Sunday, June 19, 2005

Drug addicts and shmoozzers

I forgot to tell you all about what happened when i was in London doing the play and its just came to me so here goes...

Everyday when I was rehearsing I met a lovely guy called Brad who was a homeless addict. He and I made friends and we chatted ( i did tell you this but I never told you the whole story) anyway it came to me that Brad was ashamed about his drug addiction and I realised that in Soho there is so many rich media dudes and Brad did not get that those people ( not all I know but lots do) snort cocaine regularly and in fact they are as much an addict as he is, the only thing that separates them is that they have still got cash...give it a few years and they will be standing beside him on the street wondering where their life went.

Cocaine users and heavy drinkers often look down on heroin addicts and forget that they too have an addiction that will ruin their lives.

I know this as I have walked through the streets with a few coke-heads who make snide remarks to the drug addicts and homeless who walk the streets of London.

Anyway thats my bit for today...not really a blog more of a rant I think.

Meanwhile I have booked a holiday for Ashley in Amsterdam, I am worried sick about letting her go with her pal but I know she is nearly twenty years old and needs to do her 'own thing'...I mean for fucksake I was married at that age!

I am hoping to go to Rome for a weekend and then go see Doge's Palace in Venice at one point. I always wanted to go there and I speak about it in my play, as there was a building across from my old pub in which the play is set and that building had a facade that was modelled on Doge's Palace in Venice!

I stared at it everyday for fifteen years and always yearned to be there and NOW I WILL! I am going to Venice...hurraaahh!

Click on the link and you can see the old building across from my old's awesome.

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