Saturday, April 30, 2005

Manchester and no sex

I wrote 'No sex' at the top of this blog bcause I am officially very old, I slipped in the hotel's bath and hurt my leg! Whooppee...I am an old woman who needs bath aids, maybe a non slip grip handle or a stick rubber mat.

The weather was lovely yesterday, I read the reports of rampant bank holiday sunshine....and yes I awoke to RAIN...

I had a nice gig last the acts went down very well, Todd Sawyer the US comic is very dry humoured and funny, George Egg was hysterical and Gina Yashere was just brilliant, she really did rip the roof off the gig.

I am in a shitty Thistle Hotel and am thinking that as I travel in these really good/really shit hotels I should actually be a hotel reviewer.

Was excited yesterday as I saw El Presidente on GMTV it was nice to my mate Dante in full swing then I saw Heston Blumental on telly -he is my mate Monica's client and just been voted the 'Worlds Best Restaurant' ( I do know famous people) Then I watched Andrew Neil (Newspaper media mogul) and I recalled how he used to drink in my bar years ago and he like me is from Shettelston which yesterday according to Department of Health is YET AGAIN the worst place to stay in Europe!

If you live in Shettleston ten years will come off your life! Thank fuck I moved out!

Manchester tonight again...sorry this is short but I am in Easyeverything and there is a big fat sweaty man in acrylic beside me looking at 'Animals who like sex' on some webpage and I no longer ever want to see a horse like that again

( my own fault for looking at his screen)

Janey (running downstairs to get cleansed in the Manchester rain)

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