Thursday, April 28, 2005

book launches and dead flies

had a mental day yesterday, after sending out 35 email invites to various media people and comics to come to my book launch at Soho theatre...I was informed by Random/Ebury that the date had changes from Monday ( the date I had sent to people) to Tuesday 7th! It wasn't Random's fault, it seems to have been changed by Soho theatre weeks ago..

It seems everyone knew this but me...well there's no need to tell me eh? I am after all only the author.

I sat yesterday so stressed trying to compose a new email at my pc and chomped my way through a big Eccles cake or in Glasgow we call it a 'Flies Graveyard' because when you bite into it it looks like millions of wee flies stuck is actually raisins, but now I wish I hadn't said that or fucking even wrote it now. I feel sick!

Why do I open my mouth and say this stuff aloud?

Even worse it's now in print!

So now I have the invites out for both book launches, one in Glasgow and one in London. I am scared the book will bomb totally, and that no one will want to buy it and it has to get in that Alan Partridge sketch.

Woke up this morning way to early for my liking. ( I like to sleep until midday). I was up at 10am, husband is off out to get yet another thing to maybe fix the computer. (He is taking this computer virus thing a wee bit too far, he hates internet hackers who send virus's- I suggested putting a condom on the internet portal thing and he shouted at me- I thought it was funny).

On Friday I am off to do Manchester for two nights, I like Manchester, I just hope it likes me!

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