Monday, April 25, 2005

good day

Had horrible nightmares again last night, seems there is no pattern to how it happens. Managed to sleep walk as well, woke up half dazed in the living room sitting on the sofa!

I decided to go a walk today, also went into the Bistro where my mates El Presidente own. They are a great rock group and were on Top of The Pops on Saturday morning, seems their new single 'Rocket' is going places. They wrote 'The Point of Yes' song for my play thats going to Soho Theatre.

I am having my Scottish book launch there as I did sit in there daily and write the book and play inbetween drinking Dante's coffee. Funny to watch him on stage singing, I keep waiting for him to serve me up a latte, then sit down grab my note pad and read what I had just written. He is very talented though, as is Guilanno his older brother. They wrote that song for me after i gave them a brief description of the storyline and it fitted perfectly, the lyrics were haunting and the melody really did bring the script title to life. It was played at the beginning of the play and end.

So here I am back home, the sun is still bright outside and hopefully this will not be 'our summer'.

A few bright days does not a summer make!

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