Thursday, April 14, 2005

Babycham girls and Peter Kay

Got a call from The Babycham Funny Women people as it seems the stand up competition for funny women is not getting enough females on board. I am hosting the Glasgow heat, and am hoping a wee bit of press may alert all those women out there with Celtic comedy bones will come down to the venue

Saturday 14th May
Baltica Comedy Cavern, 36 Bell Street
Merchant City, Glasgow
0141 552 5924

I love working alongside a whole bunch of women for the night, as a female comic its rare to be on the bill with ANOTHER woman, as comedy bookers tend to only book ‘One tits on the gig’. I weird is that? You never really think about it until you are on the bill and there is another woman there, it’s nice.

I recently was asked about doing gigs in Greece with a comedy company, but they had to refuse me in the end as they only get one room for the comics and as the other comic was a man it would be too awkward for us to have to share a room, so I lost the job to another man! Nice! To be honest there is very few women comics I would actually share a room with as well as the boys! Its fucking assuming girls can only share and if you put two comics of opposite sex in a room –we will have sex! What if we were both gay? Or one gay? Why do we only get one fucking room is a better question!

Well here’s news for you, I was in Kings of Comedy live on TV every week on Channel 4, and I shared a room with six men, and guess what…NO SEX!

Anyway getting back to the female comedy night at Baltica -Ashley my daughter says she will do a slot on the night, she did stand up when she was 11 years old until she was 13 and still occasionally does a wee gig, here and there. She makes me laugh so much at home, I am glad she has her father’s height but my humour!

It’s really interesting and challenging for her to do comedy as an adult; she says it scares the shit out of her, as she had no fear standing on stage as a child. She gigged back then with Peter Kay, Adam Bloom, Omid Djhallai and many others. She loved it and made friends.

Last year in December, I was in London doing comedy at Soho Theatre and Ashley flew down later in the week to see me, so I went to airport to meet her. Standing in Heathrow domestic arrivals, I spotted the great Peter Kay, he remembered me and we had a hug and a laugh, I told him I was waiting on Ashley coming through the gate and he was asking how old she was now and stuff. Just then I spotted her and pointed her out and he couldn’t believe how tall she had got. Then he watched her coming through the gate and started shouting on her and he stood there with his arms outstretched and she ran and hugged him like they were really old pals! She had only met him once before! He teased her about her boots and style and chatted for a while.

Ashley walked away to join me and said “How surreal was that? I was coming through the gate and saw this big round man that looked a helluva lot like Peter Kay shouting ‘Ashley’, and then as I got closer I thought ‘Holy shit that is Peter Kay, wasn’t that lovely of him to stop and spend time?”

Me-“Yes it was, he is a genuinely nice man”

Comics are cool people I would not mind being locked up in a hotel room in Greece with Peter Kay, how funny would that be?

So if there is any women out there near Scotland and you want to come along for the night and be funny or support funny women, then Ashley and I will be there waiting to say hello and give you a smile. I will even hug you.

Saturday 14th May
Baltica Comedy Cavern, 36 Bell Street- Glasgow

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