Sunday, April 24, 2005

hair problems and life looking back

I hate to admit this out loud, but i have a bald patch. Self inflicted to be honest. I used to tie small strands of hair into knots as a child, then if the knot failed to come undone (as always) I would rip that peice of hair out and throw it away.

I am doing it again.

I did this under extreme stress when I was small and my mum found loads of hair under our bed and was flummoxed by it all. I haven't done this mad habit in years but am back to ripping it out and at the right side of my head just above my ear, the hair is thinned right down and there is a distinct bald spot. HOLY FUCK I need to quit.

When i did "Kings of Comedy' TV show on C4, i was chewing my hair ends and pulling on it a bit as having a camera on you 24 hours a day was nuts! I actually saw the tapes of my doing the hair thing and was appalled at how mental I looked.

I do know this is a real illness and have read up on it, there is some poor people who actually pull out their eyelashes. I do pluck out wee hairs on my eye brows and have plucked my arms and chin to the point where they have bled.

At least I am saying it out loud and telling you (whoever you are) reading this.

I am going to stop.

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