Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Well the Teeth are done…..

I didn’t sleep well last night, because my husband woke me up at 3am…because he thought that would be a good idea. Despite me telling him I never slept well in London, despite me explaining how I hadn’t had a decent night’s kip in days, he thought a 3am booty call was cool. We still aren’t talking; I am scared to look at him lest I stab him! Lovely!

So I stayed up till 6am calling New Zealand and checking details of the tour and stuff. I did go back to bed and fell into a scary sleep that fucked me up a bit and at 3pm I had a dental appointment, the final treatment to get my new veneers fitted. I lay there tired and grumpy as the poor man tiled my mouth for me.
The job was done, so I went into the reception to pay. My credit card bounced! Maybe the dentist would have to take the veneers back off as I hadn’t paid. I started to call the credit card company and then my phone started ringing, I had BBC radio, BBC TV and gigs all being booked right there in the dental receptionist desk, she started taking notes for me. I still hadn’t paid the fee, there seems to be a problem with my card and a payment that didn’t go through, so I whipped out another card and paid my bill.

I have no idea what has happened with my card, but I am sure it will be fine.

I am booked for 60 acts in 60 minutes next week in Manchester, it’s a cool BBC show and I am chuffed to be on it. I just need to organise my life and get everything done and sometimes it gets all on top pf me and I lie awake panicking that I have forgot something.

My poor daughter Ashley had been vomiting all night and throwing up all day, I feel so bad for her, she has some food poisoning. There is nothing worse watching your own child being that sick, I would do anything to take it off her and let her be safe and well. I am sure she will be fine.
I will post a final picture of my teeth as soon as my laptop lets me download them.

Husband will never wake me up again; I will actually kill him if he does!

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